Here's a very well done video that talks about the 5 things every woman needs to know about how to get the lowest airfares.

Fly in the Middle (Book Flights for the Middle of the Week)
Use Kayak to Select a Broad Time Window
Accept Extra Legs (Flights with Layovers Make for Cheaper Airfare)
Book Early (Airfare is Cheapest When Booked 21+ Days in Advance)
Don't Delay (Book Airfare-Now)

Airfare Secrets Revealed

Having just read the updated (Second Edition) version of Tom Rhoades's "Airfare Secrets Revealed", I wanted to share my thoughts about the material here on Last Minute Flight Deals.

First on my mind is kudos on all of the included bonuses. When you purchache the Airfare Secrets Revealed book from their official website, you not only get the Airfare Secrets Revealed book but also lots and lots of free goodies.

What Others are Saying

"When I flew to Sydney the best price I could find on my own was over $2,000.00 USD for a return ticket with stop overs. Using just a couple of the techniques in this book I was able to find a direct flight for $520.00 USD cheaper than the connecting flights I'd seen on the travel sites! I guess it goes without saying I was pretty happy with my results."

- Matt H. (Toronto, Ontario)
Included Bonuses
Last Minute Traveller - FREE!
Holiday Plus! Software - FREE!
Party Travel - FREE!
How to Be an Air Courier - FREE!
Taking the Perfect Camera Shot - FREE!
Budget Travel Guide - FREE!
How to Budget a Family Vacation - FREE!
7 Language Phrase Books - FREE!
and a promise of Lifetime Updates for Fly Cheap! - FREE!

I found all of the free bonuses useful, and I particularly liked the family travel and budget travel guides. These two vaction planning documents were extremely useful and I have transferred them both to my laptop for when I travel! Since I had forgotten that Airfare Secrets Revealed came with free bonuses galore, I was VERY pleasantly surprised.

As for the eBook itself, here's the thing...

I'm in the travel business so I was naturally familiar with many of the techniques described in the course. I did however get two super new techniques that I didn't know about, and I have already saved $163 using one of them (which more than paid for the book!!). All of the techniques can be used by the novice and there were these two little golden nuggets for the more seasoned travelers too. Very cool!

I thought the book was well written and was definitely worth the $27 I paid for it. My first airfare purchase after reading the material was $163 less than I expected so it was a WISE purchase for me and I would definitely recommend it.

Since airlines are filling up available seats faster than ever before, and since most of the airfare and travel sites are acting as brokers for the airlines, you need to be savvy and use these types or resources more than ever. Reghardless of how you book airfare (third-party site or direct), the upcharge becomes THEIR profit.  The objective of this eBook is to help the reader get the absolute best price on airfare and it seems to deliver on that objective!

According to the author,
"Airfare Secrets Revealed is guaranteed to save you significant money on your next flight - and every flight you book from this day on!"
I'd recommend checking out the eBook and all of the bonuses by visiting the author's website. It has a money back guarantee so it makes sense to check it out.

"Airfare Secrets Revealed" Website

Q. I filled up my car today for less than $50. I paid $2.49 per gallon which is the lowest price I have paid in several months. Do you think the lower fuel prices will have any effect on Airfare prices?

A. Jet fuel prices have fallen like a rock, and the plunging price of jet fuel has lots of airline passengers wondering why their fares haven't plunged accordingly. Even with lower fuel costs, the global recession has put mammoth pressure on hard-hit airlines. That's why analysts say that airlines will not cut ticket prices or rescind fees for services that once came for free.

Find the Cheapest Airfare by Selective Shopping

Did you know that each travel website negotiates their own airfare rates with the major airline carriers? What this means is that you can expect a slight difference between prices among different airfare websites for the exact same flight.

If you are searching for last minute flight deals, It's a good idea to shop rates on several websites before making your final purchase. It's also a good idea to check the actual airline website for their rates as well. The article, Find the Cheapest Airfare by Selective Shopping, warns:

Once you've made an airfare purchase, you are committed permanently.
A little extra surfing can save you several dollars and net you some super last minute flight deals. Just surf before you buy - you can't undo an airfare purchase.

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Track Cheap Airfare Like an Engineer Tracks Slope

Is round trip nonstop airfare from Los Angeles, California to Tokyo, Japan an attractive deal at $375?

Not really....

While the Travelocity search reports it at $375, the taxes, fuel charges, extra baggage charges, and the new 9/11 security charges push the final airfare to a whopping $669.50.


While many of these new fees are now mandatory, there are some very effective strategies (secrets) to avoid the inevitable shakedown. Most of the strategies are laid out in Tony Morrison's new book called "Save on Airfare Secrets."

Here's a short excerpt from the Going2Oahu Hawaii Travel Blog's recent review:
"After working for 16 years in the airline industry, Tony Morrison was unexpectedly fired and left hunting for a job. Pondering on his predicament, he decided that his "insider" experience could be super valuable to the traveling public."

If you're a traveler, frequent or even only once a year, then this book should now be on your required reading list.

Short Video: "Save on Airfare Secrets" by Tony Morrison

You can read more on it or pick up the book on the Tony Morrison's "Airfare Secrets" Website.

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I'm glad you're here!

If you've stumbled across this post while searching for last minute flight deals, then I'd like to welcome you to the last minute flight deals blog and share a simple step for finding the cheapest airfare when traveling last minute.

Call the airlines right after midnight in order to get the best airfare deals. Calling the airline after midnight assures you that the automatic updates have kicked in and the new deals are now available. Be the lucky first caller and you can get some really good last minute flights. Not many people use this simple tip and it works great!

Are you one of those college students that dreams of a tropical vacation, at least a nice spring break, yet just can't scrape enough money together for a round trip airfare? Are you longing for a skyway road trip but you don't even have enough cash for a KOA camping cabin?

Here are four college travel tips that will help you find the best flight deals and show your parents just how smart you have become in college! It's time to take some notes....

#1 You're in college, so be F-L-E-X-I-B-L-E. 
The most important thing to remember when searching for airfare deals is to be flexible. Do not, in other words, limit yourself to traveling on the busiest day, even if it's the day that all of your friends seem to be traveling. Traveling on holidays and any of those other high traffic days is going to cost you dearly so leave a day earlier or a day later than your rich friends!

#2 You're in college, so do some R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H
The internet has made shopping for airfare super easy with consolidator sites like Kayak and the new Don't buy what your spontaneous friends buy, be a smart collegiate type and research the best airfare.

#3 You're in college so do some P-L-A-N-N-I-N-G
You carry a planner so that you show up for classes when you have an exam or assignment due, so use that same planner to think ahead and you'll score the best rates. Yes, this is the last minute flight deals blog, but the best deals come to the folks who are smart enough to plan.

#4 You're in college so S-K-I-P some C-L-A-S-S-E-S
Yes, you have my permission to skip classes because the best airfare comes to students who travel mid-week. Believe me, your Economics Professor will understand!

So in summary, be flexible, do your research, plan ahead, and skip classes - these are the key tips to saving money on your airfare. Be nice to your mother!

-- brought to you by

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Finding Cheap Airfare

Looking for last minute flight deals, flight specials, cheap airline tickets...?

Nowadays, finding the cheapest airfare is a critical step in travel planning. If you're travel plans are flexible, then getting away at the last minute can net you big savings on your flight!

This blog targets last-minute flight deals, flight specials, and cheap tickets to and from top cities.

Be sure to check back often—fares change frequently.

Last Minute Flight Deals
WDW Auditions

2 Techniques That May Net Big Savings on Airfare

In her recent post entitled Two Ways to Get Cheap Last Minute Flights, the author of the Last Minute Flights Blog points out two specific techniques to employ when searching for last minute flight deals. The first of these strategies is pretty standard nowadays but the second technique is often overlooked. If you are looking for last minute flight deals, then I suggest you read on...

The first technique is to visit every major airline's website for last minute "website-only" deals. This strategy often nets a good last minute fare because the airline is unloading any and all empty seats according to the law of supply and demand. In other words if they have 10 empty seats (supply) and only one person is expressing any interest (demand), then the price will trend downwards until departure or a change in demand

The second technique might occasionally score you a big savings if you're lucky, and that's to call the area travel agents to see if they have any block seat reservations that are unsold. Sometimes out of pure desperation, travel agents wil sell these for 10%-25% of the going rate - that's right, as much as 90% off!

According to Ali,
"Often, travel agents are allocated airline tickets for top resort destinations and last minute travelers. I still encourage you to check the travel search engines for cheap airline tickets last minute but you may get lucky and score a great fare by using the travel agent method."
So get creative when looking for last minute fares - good luck and happy travels!

I found this post from yesterday on the Tenerife Forum. Since it had no resoponses, I thought I'd take a stab at it here on the Last Minute Flight Deals Blog..

Title: Is it Cheaper to Book Flights From Tenerife at the Last Minute?

Q. Friends of mine going back to the UK for a week in march, is it best to book now or wait till nearer the time??

A. Booking now is best! Being a last minute traveler can put you under extreme pressure and you will be hard pressed to find a good fare. This last minute flight deals blog is geared towards the spontaneous traveler who does not have a specific travel date requirement and sometimes does not even have a specific destination in mind. When you’re making those airline arrangements you should make sure to look at several different airlines. More often than not, airlines have special discounts and promotions going on - even if it's peak season. Now here's the cool thing... if you find an airline with a promo code then you will more than likely find another with a discounted fare. 

Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

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It's Sharing Saturday so I'm passing on some coupons, codes, links, etc. that I have found on the web recently.

New York City Anyone...?
Here's a last-minute NYC coupon from Expedia for instance that knocked $60 off of my best quote from Travelocity. The destination page is also boasting $70 hotels and $300 vacations so this one seems like a gem if you're traveling to New York City:

---> Last minute New York values at!

Vacation Packages
I played around with this link and ended up booking a nice 3 day vacation package to Los Angeles at $51.35 less than my other best quote. My friends and I like to go jump the Pacific to do the Disneyland thing a couple times a year and this coupon worked well for us.

---> Treat yourself to a last-minute getaway! Choose from great hotel deals in your favorite cities only at!

Hit the Beach
This one didn't help me on airfare but I did find a 4 star oceanfront room in Panama City Beach, Florida for $41!

--> Book your Beach Travel on Plan a sunny, sandy escape!

Last Minute Fares
I haven't checked this one yet because I normally use TravelZoo for last minute flights. I have noticed that more and more consolidators seem to be entering the last minute flights market.

---> Save up to 40% on Last Minute Fares with Hotwire Limited Rates!

Rental Cars Too?
What the heck....? Since it's sharing Saturday I might as well pass this one on too. My dad uses this Hotwire coupon EXCLUSIVELY when he's on the mainland doing business. He swears by it :-)

---> Find rental cars from $13.95 a day at Hotwire. No hidden fees -- drive away a deal today!

That's all for now!

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A recent post on the Last Minute Flights Blog is suggesting TravelZoo's e-mail list as a great source for last minute flight bargains. I used aTravelZoo's tip for a spontaneous trip to Orlando, Florida last year and the price was about $300 less than my quote from Travelocity. Here's what that post had to say:

"Booking a flight until the last minute usually means that there are very few seats left. When this happens, the airlines may charge a premium price for those seats that are left. My suggestion is to be vigilant with the TravelZoo E-Mail List. I don't know how they do it, but TravelZoo's list always has the best last minute fares."
If you haven't given TravelZoo a try, then I suggest visiting their website and signing up for their Top 20. They only send an e-mail once per week and you can stop it at any time. There are some terrific deals for spontaneous (last-minute) travelers.

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