2 Techniques That May Net Big Savings on Airfare

In her recent post entitled Two Ways to Get Cheap Last Minute Flights, the author of the Last Minute Flights Blog points out two specific techniques to employ when searching for last minute flight deals. The first of these strategies is pretty standard nowadays but the second technique is often overlooked. If you are looking for last minute flight deals, then I suggest you read on...

The first technique is to visit every major airline's website for last minute "website-only" deals. This strategy often nets a good last minute fare because the airline is unloading any and all empty seats according to the law of supply and demand. In other words if they have 10 empty seats (supply) and only one person is expressing any interest (demand), then the price will trend downwards until departure or a change in demand

The second technique might occasionally score you a big savings if you're lucky, and that's to call the area travel agents to see if they have any block seat reservations that are unsold. Sometimes out of pure desperation, travel agents wil sell these for 10%-25% of the going rate - that's right, as much as 90% off!

According to Ali,
"Often, travel agents are allocated airline tickets for top resort destinations and last minute travelers. I still encourage you to check the travel search engines for cheap airline tickets last minute but you may get lucky and score a great fare by using the travel agent method."
So get creative when looking for last minute fares - good luck and happy travels!


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