A recent post on the Last Minute Flights Blog is suggesting TravelZoo's e-mail list as a great source for last minute flight bargains. I used aTravelZoo's tip for a spontaneous trip to Orlando, Florida last year and the price was about $300 less than my quote from Travelocity. Here's what that post had to say:

"Booking a flight until the last minute usually means that there are very few seats left. When this happens, the airlines may charge a premium price for those seats that are left. My suggestion is to be vigilant with the TravelZoo E-Mail List. I don't know how they do it, but TravelZoo's list always has the best last minute fares."
If you haven't given TravelZoo a try, then I suggest visiting their website and signing up for their Top 20. They only send an e-mail once per week and you can stop it at any time. There are some terrific deals for spontaneous (last-minute) travelers.

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