Finding the Cheapest Airfare

Airfare is undoubtedly  the most costly part of a vacation or trip. The weird thing is that even with flight delays, over-booked cabins, excessive fees and limited snacks, the airlines are still able to charge those high tickets prices.

Airfare prices fluctuate all throughout the day depending on supply and demand. According to Gabe Saglie, senior editor at Travelzoo,“Airfare is the most volatile part of traveling compared to the price of hotels or cruises.”

Despite the abundance of travel search engines, like Kayak, Trip Mama, or Booking Buddy, and despite all the online travel agencies, finding the cheapest airfare is still a very tedious process.  “There’s not one place or website where you can find the absolute lowest price,” says John DiScala, editor in chief of “It changes every minute and it takes time to find the cheapest price.”

To simplify your search and get the best airfare deals, we suggest diligently setting up your daily price alerts. You'll be surprised at how prices vary throughout the day and it will help you know when prices drop.

Doing research is the ONLY way to get a cheap airfare.

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