Airfare Secrets Revealed

Having just read the updated (Second Edition) version of Tom Rhoades's "Airfare Secrets Revealed", I wanted to share my thoughts about the material here on Last Minute Flight Deals.

First on my mind is kudos on all of the included bonuses. When you purchache the Airfare Secrets Revealed book from their official website, you not only get the Airfare Secrets Revealed book but also lots and lots of free goodies.

What Others are Saying

"When I flew to Sydney the best price I could find on my own was over $2,000.00 USD for a return ticket with stop overs. Using just a couple of the techniques in this book I was able to find a direct flight for $520.00 USD cheaper than the connecting flights I'd seen on the travel sites! I guess it goes without saying I was pretty happy with my results."

- Matt H. (Toronto, Ontario)
Included Bonuses
Last Minute Traveller - FREE!
Holiday Plus! Software - FREE!
Party Travel - FREE!
How to Be an Air Courier - FREE!
Taking the Perfect Camera Shot - FREE!
Budget Travel Guide - FREE!
How to Budget a Family Vacation - FREE!
7 Language Phrase Books - FREE!
and a promise of Lifetime Updates for Fly Cheap! - FREE!

I found all of the free bonuses useful, and I particularly liked the family travel and budget travel guides. These two vaction planning documents were extremely useful and I have transferred them both to my laptop for when I travel! Since I had forgotten that Airfare Secrets Revealed came with free bonuses galore, I was VERY pleasantly surprised.

As for the eBook itself, here's the thing...

I'm in the travel business so I was naturally familiar with many of the techniques described in the course. I did however get two super new techniques that I didn't know about, and I have already saved $163 using one of them (which more than paid for the book!!). All of the techniques can be used by the novice and there were these two little golden nuggets for the more seasoned travelers too. Very cool!

I thought the book was well written and was definitely worth the $27 I paid for it. My first airfare purchase after reading the material was $163 less than I expected so it was a WISE purchase for me and I would definitely recommend it.

Since airlines are filling up available seats faster than ever before, and since most of the airfare and travel sites are acting as brokers for the airlines, you need to be savvy and use these types or resources more than ever. Reghardless of how you book airfare (third-party site or direct), the upcharge becomes THEIR profit.  The objective of this eBook is to help the reader get the absolute best price on airfare and it seems to deliver on that objective!

According to the author,
"Airfare Secrets Revealed is guaranteed to save you significant money on your next flight - and every flight you book from this day on!"
I'd recommend checking out the eBook and all of the bonuses by visiting the author's website. It has a money back guarantee so it makes sense to check it out.

"Airfare Secrets Revealed" Website


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