Q. I filled up my car today for less than $20. I paid $1.61 per gallon which is the lowest price I have paid in years. Do you think the lower fuel prices will have any effect on Airfare prices?

A. Jet fuel prices have fallen like a rock, and the plunging price of jet fuel has lots of airline passengers wondering why their fares haven't plunged accordingly. Even with lower fuel costs, the global recession has put mammoth pressure on hard-hit airlines. That's why analysts say that airlines will not cut ticket prices or rescind fees for services that once came for free.

The old advice passed down from the cheap airfare gurus of the past does not alway hold true. The suggestion to stay overnight on a Saturday, for instance, no longer makes much of a difference. Flying on "off days" (i.e. mid-week travel) however, really does make sense..

When searching for last minute flight deals, see if changing your arrival or departure dates to mid-week lowers the fare. Wednesday and Thursday are the days to fly if you really want to save money. Weekend cheap flights are super difficult to find, but sales and discounted tickets tend to show up midweek!

Last Minute Flight Deals: Using Google to Check for On Time Departures


You've booked your last minute flight deals for the holidays and you're ready to go. Great!

The problem is that Winter weather can move in briskly and airline departure schedules are just not firm when weather is a factor.

Did you know that you can turn to Google to learn your flight status?

All you have to do is type your airline name and flight number into the search bar, and the site will fetch the latest flight-status information. Here's an example - I typed Delta 627 in the search box and the status box became my first choice. Pretty slick!

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Travelzoo always has listings for last minute flight deals, particularly for travel in the next few days or over the next weekend. Right now. it has a nice list of last minute flight deals for Thanksgiving.  In terms of getting a great deal 2 hours in advance, that would be more difficult.

You should also try Kayak's website to see what they have available. The Kayak site is a travel search engine that checks for last minute flight deals from hundreds of ticket sources.

Did you know that each travel website negotiates their own airfare rates with the major airline carriers? What this means is that you can expect a slight difference between prices among different airfare websites for the exact same flight.

If you are searching for last minute flight deals, It's a good idea to shop rates on several websites before making your final purchase. It's also a good idea to check the actual airline website for their rates as well. The article, Find the Cheapest Airfare by Selective Shopping, warns:

Once you've made an airfare purchase, you are committed permanently.
A little extra surfing can save you several dollars and net you some super last minute flight deals. Just surf before you buy - you can't undo an airfare purchase.

Occasionally, a search for last minute flight deals will present the best prices if you agree to switch airlines during your trip. Although an inconvenience, I think it's worth the extra savings.

For example, lets say you are wanting to go to New York from Seattle, Washington... and you want to go TOMORROW.

Your search for last minute flight deals will be very frustrating if you tell the search engine that you want a non-stop flight. Change the search terms to include layovers and airline transfers, however, and you may be in for a very big (big as in savings) surprise.

An article on the Last Minute Flights Blog mentions,

"It may surprise you, but experts agree that the answer is now an undeniable "YES". What was once considered a no-no and an extreme inconvenience is now considered a wise move for the airfare bargain seeker."
So switch airlines enroute, and save some bucks on your last minute flight plans.

Okay... you're hear because you're looking for cheap flights, right? Have you heard that there are some super last minute flight deals if you're able to travel mid-week?

Yep, last minute flight deals abound mid-week as airlines scramble to fill vacant seats. Stay on top of the deals by searching constantly with several search engines. Remeber that the odds are with you because these flights are usually less populated. Translation... airlines try to fill the seats and you win by booking last minute!

According to Cheapest Airfare's article, Tip #8: Airfare is Cheaper with Mid-Week Travel,

"The old advice about staying overnight on a Saturday no longer makes much of a difference, but flying on "off days" does. "
So check for last minute flights on off days for the best deals!

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Looking for a value while shopping for airline tickets? Cheap airfares are still available, and these 6 tips will help you get more bang for your buck!

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